The Road Together

Resources for Open Platform Irish Dancing in North America*

What is Open Platform Irish Dancing?

Open Platform schools and organizations allow and even encourage their students to compete and take workshops outside of their own organization.

Open platform organizations currently active in North America include Cumann Rince Náisiúnta, Rince Tuatha Nua, and the World Irish Dance Association. Please note, An Comhdháil Na Múinteoirí Le Rincí Gaelacha is open platform in North America only.

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May 3 — Updated feiseanna from Rince Tuatha Nua and An Comhdháil.

April 4 — Added Anne O’Connell’s Irish American Step Dancers (MA) to Independent Schools, and Davis Arts Center (CA) to CRN (they aren't listed as members, but they teach to the syllabus because their instructor went through the first North American CRN Teacher Training workshop—with me, incidentally). Heart of Ireland (WIDA)'s Andrea McCarney has her TCRG (congrats!), and Isle of Erin in Peoria, Illinois is a WIDA school. Added the Irish Dance Festival to the Workshops & Camps page, and added the WIDA US Open Championships website link to Feiseanna. Went through everyone's website links and made sure they were up to date.

March 7 — The directors of Camp Rince Ceol is now running a one-week Open Platform Only dance camp called Camp Step About the weekend of July 6–11. New WIDA school, Newfound Irish Dance (New Hampshire). New Comhdhail school, the Lindsey School (California). New website for the McGovern school (CRN). Website added to Feile Rince Nua (CRN). WIDA Regional Oireachtasi (World Qualifiers) added for November (Eastern and Western). Two WIDA feiseanna in Michigan (Cadillac in April, Detroit in May) have been cancelled. Exams have been moved to October.